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Omni Medspa has certified technicians ready to help with customized LPG Endermologie treatments for cellulite reduction.

Affecting 90% of women, cellulite is the result of fat storage and water retention in the body. As fat cells enlarge, the surrounding tissue pulls on the skin's surface and produces dimpling.

Our treatments stimulate the skin to help soften these fat cells, resulting in a 20% visible cellulite reduction.  This stimulation not only leaves your skin softer and smoother, but also helps to target fat and improve local blood and lymph circulation.

Frequently asked questions

Endermologie is a painless massage treatment that targets cellulite on the back, arms, stomach, waist, buttocks, thighs, and even face!

This non-invasive skin stimulation technique has many benefits beyond cellulite reduction. It can tighten and firm loose or sagging skin, detoxify the body, and decrease the appearance of stretch marks to produce visible slimming and age-defying results. Endermologie isn't just for the body, ask us about our Endermologie facials as well!

Using an FDA-approved motorized roller system, Endermologie simultaneously kneads and suctions the skin to stimulate fat locked within deep tissue. As this tissue softens, fat cells break apart, releasing the area and smoothing the skin.

Endermologie stimulates even the most stubborn fat that is resistant to physical exercise and healthy diet. Once stimulated, these cells begin to produce collagen and elastin, which are essential substances for skin firmness and tone.

For the best results, 8-10 total treatments are recommended to be completed once or twice a week.  Once you achieve your desired results, we recommend touch up treatments to maintain and maximize your results every few months.

To see if Endermologie is the right treatment for you, call us today to schedule a consultation.

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