Laser Hair Removal


Here at Omni Medspa, we use the elòs® laser by Syneron and Candela for hair removal. The elōs Plus Laser effectively and gently removes hair by selectively destroying hair follicles. Patients receive a very comfortable treatment due to the high frequency and lower energy delivery of the elōs laser. It is safe to use on a wide variety of skin and hair types.

On the area to be treated, a small spot may be tested with the laser before any further treatment. This helps ensure your skin's reaction is proper for the laser treatment and settings.

For darker skin types, (skin type 4-6) skin preparation may be required prior to laser treatment. In certain cases, darker skin types may require a particular laser. For instance, Yag Lasers are recommended for darker skin because they may provide a more effective treatment.

Skin Type

Skin Color

Reaction to Sun

1 Very Pale or Freckled Always Burns/Never Tans
2 White Usually Burns/Sometimes Tans
3 White to Olive Sometimes Burns/Always Tans
4 Brown Rarely Burns
5 Dark Brown Very Rarely Burns/Moderately Pigmented
6 Black Highly Pigmented


Frequently asked questions

In order to achieve successful laser hair reduction, a series of treatments must be undergone at very precise time intervals.  Hair grows in cycles, and those growth cycles vary depending on the part of the body. For example, hair on your face or your underarms grows faster than hair on your legs. To achieve the best treatment results, space out laser hair removal sessions according to the hair cycle growth.  Areas on the face require treatments which will occur every 4-6 weeks. Underarms, bikini, or trunk area every 6-8 weeks, while the leg area is every 8-10 weeks.

Patients must be treated during these specific time periods to ensure that the new hair follicle growth is targeted. In order to achieve a 60%-80% reduction, we recommend 6-8 treatments. After your sessions are complete, you will need touch up treatments to maintain your results.

  • Avoid sun exposure in the area to be treated for 2 weeks prior
  • Discontinue plucking, waxing, and use of hair removal products or bleach throughout the course of treatments.
  • Do not any Retinol, Retin A, Tretinoin, etc. for at least 3 days prior.
  • Make sure the area to be treated is clean shaven upon arrival.

After your treatment, you may experience some redness, swelling, or irritation. Generally, this only lasts for a day. You may notice your hair growth is finer or less frequent after a few treatments. Results will continue to progress with the number of treatments completed. Although rare, burn can occur, which can alter skin pigment and potentially form a scar.

It is important for patients to understand many factors affect hair growth, such as: hormones, genetics, age, medication, and skin color. Everyone responds differently to hair removal based on all these factors. Most patients can expect an average of 60% - 80% reduction at the end of their treatments. You will need touch up treatments in the years to come to maintain your results and for any hair re-growth.

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